Royal Oak Farm Orchard honey is quite possibly the best honey that you'll ever experience! Our honey is so good because of the special handling it receives from the hive to the bottle. After our honey is removed from the hive, each frame is uncapped by hand using a stainless steel electric hot knife. The frames are put into our extractor and rotated at low speed to extract the honey. The honey is collected and hand poured into our "Bear" bottles and sealed. Since our honey is unfiltered, unprocessed, and warm water heated, it still contains minute amounts of pollen from the flowers making our honey an excellent allergy remedy. If the item of your choice is unavailable or does not meet our high standards for quality, we may need to substitute an item of equal or greater value.  NOW AVAILABLE.....OUR GIANT 80 OZ. REFILL BOTTLE!

Royal Oak Farm Orchard Honey
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Our Royal Oak Farm Orchard Honey is created by our own bees here at Royal Oak Farm Orchard. Our bee hives are spread out over 120 acres giving our bees a wide variety of pollen from our apple blossoms, clover blossoms, pumpkin blossoms, suash blossoms and wild flower blossoms.  We harvest our honey generally twice each season (usually June & Sept.) and process it in our Honey House. Our Royal Oak Farm Orchard honey is available year 'round while supplies last!  Be sure to store your Royal Oak Farm Orchard Honey at room temperature. Do not refrigerate it or the cold air will cause sugar crystals to form at the bottom of the container. Available in several  convenient sizes, 12 oz. Bear squeeze bottle, 24 oz. Bear squeeze bottle, 16 oz. oval squeeze bottle and our giant 80 oz. refill bottle!

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