Smoke is the essence of barbecue. It is what differentiates barbecue from other types of cooking. And apple wood has long been used for its fragrant qualities in smoking meats. The wood is used as fuel for the smoking pit; it's believed the meat being cooked takes on the flavors from the wood's smoke. Apple wood-smoked bacon is a popular product and is often marketed as a higher end meat product in restaurant/fast-food commercials.   .

Royal Oak Farm Orchard Apple Wood Chips
Royal Oak Farm Apple Wood Chips 5 lb. bag
Plus Priority Mail Shipping

Now you can add the delicious flavor of apple wood smoke to your food. These apple wood chips for smoking give your food a very mild, sweet and fruity flavor--ideal for poultry, beef, pork, game birds and some seafood. The chips come in a five pound bag and are shipped to your door via Priority Mail.

Royal Oak Farm Orchard Apple Wood Chips offer:

Generous 5 pound bag
That smoky flavor associated with smokehouse taste
Apple wood grown locally in Northern Illinois
100% natural and air dried to reduce moisture content
Can be used in charcoal grills, gas or electirc grills

Love that smoky flavor but prefer using a gas or electric grill? Now you can have both with these convenient sized wood chips. Use a smoker box for electric or gas grills and for infrared grills, place apple wood chips directly on the grill grate.  Our apple wood chips are 100% natural and are air dried for approximately one year to reduce moisture content. These apple wood chips will impart that smoky flavor most associated with custom smokehouse taste and apple wood chips will burn hotter and cleaner than charcoal.


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