Royal Oak Farm Orchard Apple Suace is quite possibly the best applesauce that you'll ever experience! Our apple sauce is so good because of the special handling it receives from the apple to the jar.  After our special blend of apples are harvested from the orchard, each apple is inspected by hand and sanitized to remove any  contaminants with a 100% organic sanitizer.  The apples are then hand peeled,  cored and sliced to prepare for cooking.  The fresh cooked apples, honey for sweetening, apple cider from our special cider blend,  and cinnamon are then added and mixed into each sanitized quart jar and properly canned for your enjoyment. NOW AVAILABLE.....for year round shipping!

Royal Oak Farm Orchard Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce

$7.95 per jar
Plus Priority Mail Shipping

Our Royal Oak Farm Orchard Apple Sauce is created from a special blend of fresh harvested apples, fresh apple cider and fresh honey grown and produced from the orchards of Royal Oak Farm! Our applesauce is canned right in our Restaurant kitchen for that just cooked flavor. Once opened, be sure to store your Royal Oak Farm Orchard Apple Sauce in your refrigerator.  Our Royal Oak Farm Orchard Apple Sauce is available year 'round while supplies last! Available in re-usable 1 quart Mason Jars! Minimum order is 2 jars per order. All orders ship USPS Priority Mail!


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